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Zern Tan is a serial entrepeneur and the founder of Heroist.co.
His flagship ShopHelper Academy program has trained over 500 members, who has built over 800 online stores, and sold over 300,000 products collectively.
Zern Tan’s Story
Hi, I’m Zern Tan, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.
My Whole Life Was Dark And Depressing
In school, I was poor at studies. I constantly got the last place in my class ranking, every single year. I was also terrible at any extra-curricular activity or sports. My teachers told me, “You will never succeed”, “You will never make it in life”. Because I failed all of my school examinations, I was therefore labeled as a failure in life. I was called a failure throughout my entire life in school. A failure in studies, a failure in school, a failure in life.

After growing up and leaving school, which I was happy to leave. It came time to do what any kid would do after leaving high school - apply for college. So the process began, filling out college applications after college applications. That’s how you get into college right. Fill up and submit as many college applications you can, and hope to be accepted by one or two colleges. So that’s exactly what I did. Submitting college application, after application, after application.

And next i just had to wait. I just had to wait for the colleges to receive my applications and send me a reply to be accepted into their institute. So I waited, 1 week. I waited to hear back from the colleges I applied for. 1 week… and nothing. Okay. So I waited and waited longer. 3 weeks I waited… waited and waited. Still nothing. No reply, no letter, no phone call, no email. So I waited and waited and waited more. After 2 months of waiting and no replies from any colleges at all. Yes, not one single college bothered to reply or call me. It became very apparent, that the colleges were trying to tell me something. They were trying to tell me that, “you will never be accepted into college”. It was very obvious, not hearing from them after 2 months, that I will be not accepted into any college at all.

Working as a PE teacher.
And so I was left with no choice. I eventually had to choose the only career path that my family would approve of. Which was teaching. I became a teacher. A PE teacher, or sports teacher. Yes, I know i’m really bad at sports, so I was actually a really bad sports teacher. No college wanted to accept me and I was never given the opportunity to study or pursue my desired course. So I had to become a teacher. Which none of my peers wanted to do. Everybody else wanted to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, accountants. But not one person wanted to be a teacher. And I became a teacher. I had no other choice.

So while unwillingly working as a sports teacher in the school and as the years went by, I started to realise something, something about my peers that were the same age as me. I started to realise that my peers were getting job promotions. They were advancing up in their respective careers. And what more. I also started to notice their salaries were increasing. Every single year. They were getting pay increments at their jobs. But for me, after 5 years of working as a sports teacher. I was still doing the same thing and I still had the same role. AND I was still being paid the same exact salary I started with. No pay increase, no salary increment. Nothing. I had no advancement or progression in my job or career at all. It was as if my school was telling me, “your career will never ever progress anywhere”. After 5 whole years I was still doing the same thing, same role, same pay, no advancement whatsoever.
This was my life. My whole life was dark and depressing.
The Turning Point
The flight from Malaysia to Cambodia.
So while still teaching in school. Something amazing happened. It was on a school trip, and I as a teacher had to bring my students from Malaysia to Cambodia. So on the way to Cambodia on the plane, I was seated next to some guy, he was busy working on his laptop during the flight. So I looked over and noticed on his laptop screen. I saw something that looked very familiar. I saw the exact same bracelet that I was wearing at that moment. I saw it on his laptop screen. So out of curiosity, I leaned over and asked, “hey what are you doing?”. He said he was working. Then I raised my hand to show him my bracelet and I said, “that's the same bracelet on your laptop”. He said “Yeah! I’m selling them online, where did you get yours?”. And so a conversation started between us. And I learnt that he was selling bracelets, necklaces, all kinds of accessories and clothes online.
So let me tell you a little about him. I’ll just call him Mr. X because I didn't get his permission to share about him personally. So he’s 1 year younger than me. He’s selling bracelets, necklaces and accessories online. He said he had been making money online for years now. And I actually needed a way to make money and he looked like he was making money. But what got me the most excited was when I saw this on his laptop screen... $230,427.90. I saw that exact number on his laptop screen. And I was very curious about it. So I asked him what that figure meant. Mr. X casually said it, “Oh... that’s my sales figures for last month". And in my mind, I was like “WHAT?”, $230,427.90 US dollars, in a single month, last month?! I’ve never seen such a huge sum of money before, and I've never known anyone in person that made that amount of money before.

Then I thought wait a minute. How long would it take me to make that kind of money? So as a teacher I was paid $36,000MYR a year. That’s about $9,000 USD. So, how long would it take me, a teacher to make $230,427.90. I did some math. And realised with my current salary of $9,000 a year. It would take me approximately 25.6 years to amass that sum of money. 25.6 years. I would be almost 50 years old by then.

And this guy Mr. X, made that same amount in 1 month. In 1 month he’s making $230,427.90. Compared to my $750 a month salary. It would take me 25.6 years to make the same amount he made last month. So I freaked out. I don’t want to have to live the rest of my life the same way. I don’t want to keep living my current life paycheck to paycheck for the next 5 years, 10 years, 25.6 years. I don’t want to be called and proven a failure over and over again... No way. I wanted a life of freedom, abundance and choice. And to finally prove everyone else wrong. To prove them all wrong. If this guy could do it, so can I.
So what I did next was get into the brace position. You know the position the flight crew demonstrates to you during take off, in case of emergencies. Yes that position. I got into it, but not because there was flight emergency, but because I had a life emergency. I got into the brace position and started to ask Mr. X to please teach me. To teach me to do what he was doing. To teach me how to make money online.
And Mr. X very nonchalantly goes, “nah.. I don't do coaching”. You see at this point I really didn’t want to live my old life anymore. I couldn’t stand being a failure any longer. So I pushed on, I wouldn’t take no for an answer. So what I did next was I started to beg Mr. X .
The brace position.
I started to beg and it was as if I had gone down on my knees to beg. I begged Mr. X. "Please I’ll give you anything!  I’ll pay to learn from you. I’ll quit my job right now to learn from you. Please. I’ll do anything".
And Mr X’s reply remained the same, “no, I don’t coach”.

At this point I had nothing to lose. My whole family and peers thought I was trash. My school and teachers thought I was worthless. The colleges and educational institutes saw me as invisible. My work and job would always be stay the same way and I had no career opportunity. I don’t want to live my old life any longer. "Mr. X…", I said.
I was getting really desperate at this point and Mr. X could see it. “I’ll name my first child after you” .
And Mr X lets out a huge sigh, as if he really didn't want to do it. But what he said next was to change my life forever . He said, “okay”.
"Okay?!", I was in disbelief .
“Okay. I’ll teach you. But under one condition. You have to go all on this”. And at that moment I was so full of joy. And because of what Mr. X said, I went all in, even before i was ready.
And after following the guidance of Mr. X… I finally did it! After failing and failing all of my life. I finally did it. This was the moment! I made my first $21.94 USD.
My First $21.94
After making my first $21.94 online, it changed my entire life. You know why? It's because I now knew that it's possible. That I made real money online!

This $21.94 is the single pivotal moment that I finally knew, deep down inside of me, that I cracked the code. That I now know how to make money online. And I can make as much money as I damned well pleased because I know the exact steps I did to make my first $21.94.

From getting that first $21.94, I could get my next $2,194, or my next $21,940, or my next $219,400 online. And that is exactly what I did. In the period of 2 months in fact. Two months later, I went on to make over $200,000 in sales. That was how I began building my empire to what it is today, and also how I started a movement to share the secrets of my success to those that are seeking to change their life.

Since I've made my first $21.94, all I did was repeat the process. 
The Four Success Lessons
Throughout those my life, I had learnt 4 very important lessons for success:
SUCCESS LESSON #1 - Making your first dollar is 99% of the work - once you know how to make your first dollar online, the sky is truly the limit.

SUCCESS LESSON #2 - Your level of belief determines your level of success - surround yourself with it.

SUCCESS LESSON #3 - Your life will not change unless you commit to go all-in.

SUCCESS LESSON #4 - Mentors are priceless in more ways than one. I wished I had a mentor when was younger. So that I could learn from them and prevent myself from making the mistakes I have made.
Looking To The Future
I now train and mentor over 500 students in the pursuit of success online. With my knowledge and experience over many years, I have built a movement of success stories. Every day people, like you and me can now live our dream life of freedom, excitement and financial abundance.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better. People aren't just “the way they are”. They're built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be, just like I did.

My students have become my friends and I like to celebrate their success at each stage of the journey. What began as a struggle, became an idea, which struck a nerve and became a movement. The ShopHelper Revolution is here, and I’d love for you join me!

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